Eames Zenith Molded Rope Edge Chair RAR


Iconic Eames armchair RAR in seafoam green color with original wire and birch rocker base and the magical full intact checkerboard label. This is a partial rope chair !

  • all original | collectors item
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California
  • SOLD


Eames Eucalyptus LTR Vitra

In 2019 Herman Miller and Vitra released a limited run of Eucalyptus LTR tables, a version of Charles and Ray Eames Design with a solid top made from 2 trees felled at the

Eames House.

  • all original | collectors item
  • limited run, ca 600 | top comes from tree 221
  • Vitra
  • SOLD 

Eames LCW


Early Eames Lounge or Low Chair Wood, made by Herman Miller in walnut. 5-2-4 screw pattern. Gorgeous patina and color to walnut shells. 3 letters stamped on underside.

  • all original condition | collectors item
  • Herman Miller 
  • € 1.900

Eames Zenith Molded Fiberglass Armchair LAX


Authentic 1950`s 2nd generation Eames LAX. The shell is a beautiful faded red (salmon orange/red color) in great vintage and all original condition with the famous Eames Herman Miller red "Shipped from Venice California" label.

  • all original | boot glides have been replaced
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California
  • € 1.600

Eames LKX-2


All original and all vintage Eames Upholstered Wire Mesh Chair in leather black. This chair dates from 1952/53. Made by HM, with "Patend Pending" stamp on the metal and original label underneath. Assembled at 901 Washington Boulevard, Venice, CA.

  • all original  with some typical signs of old age
  • Herman Miller 
  • € 700

Eames Wire Mesh Chair DKR-2


Stunning all vintage and all original Eames Wire Mesh Chair DKR-2 in classic white/red color combo. Fantastic vintage condition. Dates from the beginning of the 60´s.

  • collectors item
  • Herman Miller
  • € 800


Very Early Eames Wire Mesh Chair RKR-2


Eames´ 3rd milestone seating design, introduced in 1951. RKR Rocker model - wire rod structure, birch rockers, upholstery two piece pad in hopsack yellow. With first supporting system and original label, this example was made at 901 Washington Boulevard, Venice, CA, where the Eames Office itself was located.

  • collectors item with some typical signs of old age
  • Herman Miller
  • € 500

Eames Zenith Molded Fiberglas Armchair DAX


Authentic 2nd generation Eames Zenith DAX, Fantastic vintage condition. The shell has a shiny Zenith gel coat and rich fiberglass swirls. The fiberglass is completely translucent. 


  • all original, phenomenal condition
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California
  • € 1.400 

Eames HM molded Fiberglass Armchair LAX


All vintage and all original Eames HM LAX, manufactured in Michigan in the late 1950s. Shell signed with 2 triangles only, paper label and date stamp Oct141959 in awesome condition. The fiberglass is fully translucent.

  • H base lounge hight | near mint condition
  • Summit Plastic, Kalamazoo, United States
  • € 900 

Eames Model 1705


For sale is one original, 1960s, Eames for Herman Miller fiberglass chair on contract base. Extremly rare example, upholstered in original Alexander Girard Scottish wool textile and made before HM adopted the "foam in place" technology. 

Collecting Eames: The JF Chen Collection


A hardcover book full of beautifully detailed photographs of a large portion of the JF Chen Eames Collection. Includes quotes and anecdotes about the various types of Eames designs - from steel wire to molded plastics to graphic design. Companion piece to JF Chen´s exhibition.  

  • Limited edition | 2011 | new
  • Authors: JF Chen, Daniel Ostroff
  • € 125

Castiglioni Mezzadro Stool


Design: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1957


Chromium plated seat and steel stem; Footrest in steam-treated beech, natural color.

  • all original | signed with manufacturers stamp
  • limited run | Zanotta S.P.A. Italy
  • € 500

Richard Schultz Petal Table


Original vintage petal side table by Richard Schultz for Knoll.

"I designed the Petal Table to accompany the Bertoia Chairs that Harry Bertoia designed"... "The Petal Table is a flower that is always in bloom"... quote Richard Schultz.

  • all original | collectors item
  • Knoll International, New York
  • € 1.000

Eames LTR Table, 1950s production



Early Eames LTR (Low Rod or Wire Base) table, 1950s production with solid core, white laminated birch top and zinc plated steel base. 

  • all original | collectors item
  • Herman Miller, 1950 - 
  • € 600

Dedalo Umbrella Stand




Dedalo, designed by Emma Gismondi Schweinberger for Artemide S.P.A. in 1966, is a very cool piece and an icon of modern design, featured in the MoMA NY. Rosso Transparento in never used condition with all tags.

  • new in box
  • Artemide S.P.A., Italy
  • € 350

Eames LTR Table



Reissue HM production LTR gloss black top/base. 7-ply Baltic birch core, high pressure laminate backer on underside. High pressure laminate top in black, wire base powder coated black. Year of production 1999.

  • all original 
  • Herman Miller, 1999
  • SOLD