vintage design

Eames Zenith Molded Fiberglas Armchair LAX


Authentic 1950`s 2nd generation Eames LAX. The shell is a beautiful faded red (salmon orange/red color) in great vintage and all original condition with the famous Eames Herman Miller red "Shipped from Venice California" label.

  • all original, boot glides have been replaced
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California
  • € 1.400

Eames Zenith Molded Rope Edge Chair LAX


Stunning Eames rope edge chair in the highly desirable Elephant Hide Grey (EG) color. Fantastic vintage condition with ultra rare full intact checkerboard label.

  • collectors item
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California
  • € on asking


Eames Zenith DSR 


"The eight pound dining or desk chair" in exceptional vintage condition. Shell is the most highly coveted sea foam green and original to the Eiffel Tower base.

  • collectors item
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California

Eames Zenith Molded Fiberglas Armchair DAX


Authentic 2nd generation Eames Zenith DAX, Fantastic vintage condition. The shell has a shiny Zenith gel coat and rich fiberglass swirls. The fiberglass is completely translucent. 

  • all original, boot glides have been replaced
  • Zenith Plastics, Gardena, California
  • € 1.400 

Eames HM molded fiberglass Armchair DAG


Very rare example of Eames black fiberglass, featuring snow white fibers swirling trough pure black resin. Signed with both Herman Miller and Summit Plastic ID (S) and a pair of triangles overlapping each other.

  • all vintage, wall guard base, 
  • Summit Plastic, Kalamazoo, United States

Eames HM molded fiberglass Armchair DAR


Offered here is an original vintage Salmon Orange armshell on original Eiffel Tower Base. This particular seat is Salmon Orange, a pinker and more rare orange than the standard more ubiquitous orange.  Shell bears the earliest Herman Miller mark incl. Z with three dots.

  • collectors item
  • Zenith / Herman Miller, United States, 1955
  • € 1.200 

Eames HM molded fiberglass Armchair LAX


All vintage and all original Eames HM LAX, manufactured in Michigan in the late 1950s. Shell signed with 2 triangles only, paper label and date stamp Oct141959 in phenomenal condition. The fiberglass is fully translucent.

  • H base lounge hight, collectors item
  • Summit Plastic, Kalamazoo, United States
  • € 900 

Castiglioni Mezzadro Stool


Design: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1957


Chromium plated seat and steel stem; Footrest in steam-treated beech, natural color.

  • all original, signed with manufacturers stamp
  • Zanotta S.P.A. Italy
  • € 750

George Nelson Pedestal Side Table


Designed for Herman Miller by George Nelson in 1954. The George Nelson tabels reflect the clean lines and pleasing balance of style and function that characterizes all his furniture creations. 

  • aluminium base, white laminate top on warm wood
  • Herman Miller
  • € 420 

Richard Schultz Petal Table


Original vintage petal side table by Richard Schultz for Knoll.

"I designed the Petal Table to accompany the Bertoia Chairs that Harry Bertoia designed"... "The Petal Table is a flower that is always in bloom"... quote Richard Schultz.

  • all original, collectors item
  • Knoll International, New York
  • € 1.000

Eames LTR Table, 1950s production



Early Eames LTR (Low Rod or Wire Base) table, 1950s production with solid core, white laminated birch top and zinc plated steel base. 

  • all original, collectors item
  • Herman Miller, 1950 - 
  • € 890

Eames LTR Table



Reissue HM production LTR gloss black top/base. 7-ply Baltic birch core, high pressure laminate backer on underside. High pressure laminate top in black, wire base powder coated black. Year of production 1999.

  • all original 
  • Herman Miller, 1999 
  • € 590

Top Sit Chair Winfried Staeb



designed by Winfried Staeb 1969 for Form Life Collection - Reuter Produktdesign in Munich. Mentioned in L`utopie du tout plastique p. 77 

Seating sculpture made of polyurethane foam.

  • all original with label
  • Reuter Produktdesign, Munich 
  • € 400

Dedalo Umbrella Stand




Dedalo, designed by Emma Gismondi Schweinberger for Artemide S.P.A. in 1966, is a very cool piece and an icon of modern design, featured in the MoMA NY. Rosso Transparento in never used condition with all tags.

  • new in box
  • Artemide S.P.A., Italy
  • € 400