Zieta by alteraforma

We love Zieta`s "Formensprache". With Zieta Prozessdesign we at alteraforma® design gallery have found a partner who satisfies our high individual design approach. We will be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about Oskar Zieta`s "furniture of the future". We look forward to hearing from you. 

courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign
courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign

G Table Series


G-Tables make up a series of bionically shaped, size unlimited objects. Their parabolic base reminds of vines or roots. Generating G-Table construction in a software for parametric design allows experimenting with size and adjusting the form to customer`s needs


For more details, email: alteraforma@gmail.com


PLOPP Copper limited edition


The limited edition of PLOPP stool was enriched by the impressive material copper that after finishing to a high gloss polish became a very desirable object by many collectors.


PLOPP mini, price: 1.850 Euro

PLOPP standard, price: 2.200 Euro

courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign
courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign

Tafla Mirrors


The Oskar Zieta "Tafla" Mirrors collection combines aspects of art, design and technology to help create a unique story on the owner's wall. Using FiDU technology, the steel inox super mirrors form a range of three editions.

The multi edged C, more circular O and rectangular Q. Its unique form, which offers an infinite number of possible arrangements, reflects your world in its own special way.

The line currently includes 17 mirrors. 


Tafla O1-O6, prices vary from: 7.000 - 950 Euros

Tafla C1-C6, prices vary from: 7.000 - 950  Euros

Tafla Q1-Q5, prices vary from: 3.750 - 700 Euros


For more details, email: alteraforma@gmail.com



Steel in Rotation No2 Chaise Long


Steel in Rotation ist a next level of FiDU technology possibilities. Thanks to a high volumetric expansion ratio and endless scaling, you can have either an architecture construction or a small functional object. One of its possibilities is a chaise long that you can lay on. 


for more details, email: alteraforma@gmail.com

Chippensteel Chair 0.5


Available in many colors. It still offers a unique material experience but the shape of the chair has been slightly redesigned to allow a mass-production.

Chippensteel 0.5 is offered as an open edition in white, black, grey, blue, innox and raw lacquered steel (industrial look).


Chippensteel 0.5 inox, price: 950 Euro

Chippensteel 0.5 others, price: 630 Euro


PLOPP Standard Stool


The unique, toy-looking and playful shape of PLOPP is an effect of an innovative forming method - FiDU. PLOPP stool and has won many prestigious awards.

PLOPP is offered in aluminium, inox, raw lacquered steel (industrial look) and white, black, blue, grey, green, yellow and red lacquered.


PLOPP aluminium, price: 595 Euro
PLOPP inox, price: 690 Euro
PLOPP others, prices vary from: 430 - 920 Euros


For more details, email: alteraforma@gmail.com


courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign
courtesy of Zieta Prozessdesign

Hangers and Accessories


The Zieta collection comprises much more design, such as PIN and KAMYKI wall hanger, KAMM coat rack or RONDEL holder. They are all designed and processed in FiDU technology. We have the whole line. 


PIN Hanger, prices vary from 150 - 480 Euros
KAMYKI, prices vary from: 700 - 2.280 Euros
KAMM, prices vary from: 150 - 499 Euros


For more details, email: alteraforma@gmail.com